My Red Beauty

I didn’t know what to do! I was in the middle of the road with my red beauty stopping every now and then! My car is a bit old, but reliable! With all those vehicles around me, it was embarassing. Somehow, I managed to pull my car into the parking lot of a nearby store. Only then, I noticed the temperature read in my dashboard. The needle toughed the “H”. Only then did I realize that my car is red hot. I opened my bonnet, and fumes were coming out of the bonnet.

I called a mechanic, but being Dec 25th, nobody was around. So, I waited for some time, until my friends reached. They poured a few bottles of water into the coolant box. Now the car was starting, but there was another problem. The water is leaking. Somehow, I managed to get the car to a nearby garage.

After two days of waiting, I went there to pick up my car. The repair work was done neatly. The mechanic advised me about what needed to be done to avoid such problems in the future. Happily, I took my car, and on my way home, I heard a big sound from my car. When I looked into the dashboard, I saw the battery warning light.

Finally, I made it to another mechanic, nearby home. He inspected the car and told me that the belt was broken and that needs a replacement. Now I am waiting for my red beauty after the repair.


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