Leaving Everything To AI

Leaving everything can be AI disastrous.


Artificial Intelligence, A Hype Or Reality?

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Recently, a lot of hype around Artificial intelligence has developed. Many believe that AI is going to rule the world. Decisions are made faster with AI-powered systems and services.

Machines equipped with AI brains outperform traditional machines. Yes, the way we do business, communicate, and everything else will be changed with AI. ChatGPT can answer things the way you ask a professional. It could provide answers to any subject in its own version. I have tried ChatGPT and was amazed at the accuracy of the information it provides.

Driverless cars that run on AI will hit the streets in a few years.

AI can help ease day-to-day life, mainly freeing us from decision makings. But we should not forget that an AI feed with false information could create problems that could destroy everything.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Look at our environment. Nothing is spared. Oceans, rivers, and even small streams are contaminated with hazardous materials. Human activity of unbalanced exploitation of natural resources and nuclear threat has left our environment unpredictable.

But not all hope is lost. God’s word, Bible, provides a ray of hope to those who worry about the state of things. It tells us how God will put an end to these problems. Revelation 11:18 has this prophecy. “…….and to bring to ruin those ruining* the earth.”

Yes, God has a great purpose about the earth, our home. He will not tolerate ruining the earth, and put an end to it in his appointed time.

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