A Simple Life, That Is Real Life


Life is a struggle, and that struggle is real! We are experiencing the bad days in our lives more often. What makes it more struggling is our outlook towards life.

Jesus asked his disciples to lead a simple life and encouraged them to amaze wealth not here but in the heavens. Living a simple life will lead us to true rewards in terms of improved health, great peace of mind, and getting along well with others.

What can we do? Meditate upon the things that makes our life complicated, and make an effort to eliminate those things one by one. Over a period of time, you will find your life interesting to live. Ultimately it comes down to this. If we make use of Bible principles, the struggle is less!

Learn to appreciate small things in life. Finding happiness in small things around us will make our life more meaningful stressless. We don’t need expensive gadgets or a luxurious lifestyle to find happiness. Another way to get most out of our life is giving ear to the following advice found in the bible. There is more happiness in giving rather than receiving. That’s how the bible put that in simple terms. Be a generous giver, and happiness will follow you!

Have a great day!


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