Be Realistic, Always!

Thinking Girl

Sometimes we tend to create our world and boundaries. I have heard people cursing God for their problems. Why, because many understand God in their unique framework, and try to define God within that framework. When their expectations fall short, they begin to curse God for their problems.

There are a few reasoning I would like to discuss here.

  1. If you critically analyze your life, out of our imaginary boundaries, we will find where our decisions have gone wrong. Many people think that they are always right, but that’s wrong! They call self-confidence. But if you are confident in a wrong assumption, then that is going to end disastrously.
  2. We are living at the end of times, so the problems are expected whoever you are, and wherever you are!
  3. God gives us the power to overcome the problems. But why is God not preventing problems? That’s in another discussion.

So the conclusion is this. Stop blaming God for our problems, because that’ll make our minds more toxic. But allow God to correct us. Be submissive, and hear what God has to say about it. Hey, how will I hear God? you may ask. Well, the answer is simple, God talks to us through his word “The Bible”. Studying the bible seriously will get you going, overcome struggling at the end of times.

Wish you all a great day ahead!

The Scene Of This World Is Changing

“The scene of this world is changing.” The Bible puts it that way. Recently we are witnessing a year-long pandemic that’s continuing its unstoppable journey. Lots and lots of people are being affected, worried about their future, about their family, about their friends.

Some say it will turn to an endemic and the virus will go on spreading and will stay with us forever in some form or the other. To make the situation worse, variants of the virus are emerging around the world. Global warming, on the other hand, is making our planet hotter and hotter and inhospitable place.

But I find a ray of hope in God’s word. It’s amazing to note that the Bible-based prophesies have foretold such calamities thousands of years ago. A warning sign of last days. Does that mean God is behind such things? No, never. On logical thinking, we can find man’s exploitation of the natural resources, his greed is paving the way to our destruction. Bible has just foretold that these things will happen to the world around us.

Is it going to worsen to the point human race will go extinct? Bible also contains a comfortable message for us. What’s the solution Bible put forward? Will discuss this in my next post. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Let’s Look At It!

Sometimes we feel life meaningless. Whatever blessings you may have, still you feel something lacking. Why is that? Here comes spirituality. Every human being has an inner carving to satisfy spiritual needs. Jesus Christ mentioned that need in one of his speeches. Happy are those who are thirsty for their spiritual needs.

According to Bible, our creator the almighty God has a purpose when he created the first human couple. He blessed them. That purpose is still unchanged. Very soon, God will make the whole earth a paradise again as he had originally envisaged.