Appreciating Wonderful Works Of God

Our earth has got an amazing ecosystem. This is a complete system that helps us to push forward even amid environmental destruction. God made this earth with a purpose that is beyond our imagination. Take time to appreciate all the good things that God has put into our system to make it sustain life on earth.

The more we discover, the more we will be able to appreciate wondeful works of God!

Life Is Short, Really Short! But There Is A Hope!

Thinking about life, it’s short, really short. We die, leaving behind a lot of things unaccomplished. Naturally, the question is this. Was it designed that way by our creator God?

The Bible’s answer may surprise you. God wanted humans to live an everlasting life under his care and guidance. God didn’t want us to live a difficult life and die but to live life everlasting. But the first human couple decided to free himself from God’s control and put the whole of mankind into darkness and sorrow. But that was not the end of it.

Jesus came to earth as a messiah sent by God who will regain our everlasting life for us. For that, he had to sacrifice his perfect life. The Bible says it’s a ransom sacrifice to redeem us from sin and death. The future is bright for those who listen to God. He will fulfill his promise by giving us everlasting life on this earth.

Life Principle

Keeping our minds calm has its own rewards in terms of good health. There are indeed many things that daunt our minds often. Dealing with our emotions when we are under pressure is very difficult.

I have discovered how the bible can let us live a calm life. It’s a rich source of principles that can be applied in our life that can work wonders for us.