When God Will Wipe Out Every Tear From Our Eyes!

The recent pandemic had forced many people to shift their thought stream and raises some serious questions about life and its purpose. All of us are affected and suffers. There is no clear answer to what will happen next. This post is to share my understanding, hope somebody will find it useful.

According to the Holdy Bible, we all were created by God in his image. The reason? Out of God’s love, Agape, we all are here. But something was wrong, somewhere our fall started. If you turn to your bible to the book of Genesis, a serpent deceives the first human couple, Adam, and Eve from continuing as obedient to God, that pushed the human race away from the supreme being. Who is this serpent? The last book of the Bible, revelation tells about the person behind the serpent, The Devil. That explains why we are suffering from numerous problems and death.

But as a loving father, God didn’t want us to suffer from the sin we all were born. So he made a loving arrangement to send his begotten son to dies for our sins, to provide a ransom sacrifice. From a legal perspective, this arrangement was sufficient to redeem us from the slavery of sin and death. Around two thousand years ago, Jesus came to earth and gave his life for us, dying for our sin. The only way for us to benefit from that redemption is to believe that he died for us!

God has decided a time to put an end to this wicked system and bring his kingdom which Jesus taught us to pray, “Let Your Kingdom Come,” Sooner or later, the Kingdom of God will come and wipe out every tear from our eyes (Revelation 21:3,4). We are living in the times Jesus had foretold about the end of the system.

Bible has a name for god. He is JEHOVAH, the God who spoke to mosses and through various prophets has declared the good news to us. Please let me know if you have any doubts, I’ll try to clear your doubts from the Holy Bible. Thank you, Have a nice day!


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