God’s Love

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When bad things happen in our life, all those negative emotions start ruling our minds. The first thing that comes into our mind is whether God has abandoned us. Or, did I do something that made God angry, and he is punishing us? That thinking creates a distance from God, and eventually, we drift away from God’s love.

Why do we suffer? This question deserves an answer from the Bible. Only through a deep understanding of the Bible, we’ll get a satisfying answer.

All the good things come from our grand creator. But what about bad things, such as illness, loss of loved ones? We may have an inclination to think that bad things also come from God, as a kind of punishment. But what about millions of innocent children who suffer from the ill effects of bad health? Millions of children around the globe, who starve to death because of malnutrition? Can we make God accountable for that? I don’ think so. We have to bear the responsibility for human actions!

The first thing every person needs to understand is about our grand creator. He wanted all his creations to enjoy a good peaceful life. Look around you, nature, other living creatures. God has organized everything in such a nice way with a good intention to live our life happy. As we read through the Bible, we can find out the reason why we suffer, and how to perseverance in prayer can help us to overcome difficult situations in life. And finally, attain true peace.

Think about Jesus Christ. When he was on earth, he suffered a lot. Remember, he was the son of God, but still, he had to suffer! Eventually, he had to go through a severe death punishment. Still, he persevered in prayer, and his love towards God helped him suffer all those atrocities on him. He never uttered a word of complaint. What does his perseverance teach us?

Get Out Of My Way, The Corona Virus Dilemma!

Corona Virus

Spreading its wings across all continents, the Coronavirus is taking its toll. What makes it more destructive is the way the virus spreads. The future of the human race is at stake, given the fact that the virus is spreading like wildfire. It kills mercilessly those who give it a room to live!

Relax, And You’ll Be Alright Soon!

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There are times, we are fed up with the strain, anxieties, and an overwhelming lifestyle. Each of our days is full of pressures, people provoking, bills to pay, deadlines to meet, and the list is long, all that is taking us down.

.It’s high time to take care of our own heart, which is working hard to keep us on our toes, pumping blood to different parts of our body without taking rest. Give the attention your heart deserves proper exercise, good eating habits, and quit smoking, etc., are some of the ways we tell our heart to “Just Relax”!

When We Lose Our Momentum

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Life On Medicines

Illness isolates us from the rest of the world. Both mentally and physically, it is a stressful affair. It will robe us the happiness, and to cope with our illness, we become more stressful. The restless days are here, pain, the feeling of guiltiness, and everything that matters makes our world smaller and smaller.

Fight the illness with all your strength. Hear what your doctors have to say. Nowadays, just googling will get you a lot of information. But when talking about googling, both useful and useless information about your particular health condition is there. Apply your discernment in such matters, or you may fall victim to misleading information and increase your pain. Even small decisions matter! Take decisions yourself, don’t ask others to make decisions on your behalf. Above all, rely on God the almighty. Have A Speedy Recovery!