When We Lose Our Momentum

life medicines
Life On Medicines

Illness isolates us from the rest of the world. Both mentally and physically, it is a stressful affair. It will robe us the happiness, and to cope with our illness, we become more stressful. The restless days are here, pain, the feeling of guiltiness, and everything that matters makes our world smaller and smaller.

Fight the illness with all your strength. Hear what your doctors have to say. Nowadays, just googling will get you a lot of information. But when talking about googling, both useful and useless information about your particular health condition is there. Apply your discernment in such matters, or you may fall victim to misleading information and increase your pain. Even small decisions matter! Take decisions yourself, don’t ask others to make decisions on your behalf. Above all, rely on God the almighty. Have A Speedy Recovery!


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