Staying Calm During Tough Times

It’s a tough journey ahead!

Staying calm in a word of chaos is ever getting difficult. People often find themselves in an embarrassing situation. Staying calm is not easy, as uncertainty has become a part of our life, and no amount of money or fame can protect us.

Let’s face it, the situation is developing from bad to worst. Now it’s the pandemic, who knows what comes next. I would like to share with you a comforting message I found in the bible, the word of god. It states the following in the last book of the Bible, Revelation 21:3,4. There it says that God will wipe out every tear from their eyes. That’s a very consoling message, isn’t it?

The bible gives us a clear indication that we are living the last days of this system and what we can expect is the real-life on the earth, a paradise. So please don’t worry, God has a big plan for all of us. The only thing he wants us to do is to seek him, that is through his word, the Holy Bible. Have a wonderful day ahead.


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