Writing For Children, And That’s Not A Children’s Play

Elephant and the Bird story

It is hard to please a child. That’s statement holds good when it comes to writing for children. Their expectations are huge and sometimes varied. That’s the reason why all children’s books are not successful in making a decent profit.

Most children love a picture book owing to its lively appearance. Picture books can get a fairly decent number of little readers only when it can invoke the curious little minds with stunning pictures. A good children’s story is born when it is told in a language that helps children to relate the story to the real world. It’s an intuitive process to consolidate the content and images to create a great picture book, but that’s not as easy as you think. It’s a team work which requires really good amount of hard work by the illustrators and authors to create a book that children would like to read.

What do you think about a picture book? What makes it sells?


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