Peaceful Times

Living a human life is full of challenges. Sometimes, problems come one after another. Failing to cope with sudden changes in life pushes many people into depression and other mental disorders. Keeping a balanced view of life always helps.

Expect uncertain times anytime in any form. It could be in the form of a serious medical condition, financial struggle, or any other difficult situation.

Where is the real hope? The Bible prophesies point towards the end of these uncertain times and a peaceful time ahead of us. Jesus taught his disciples to pray for his Kingdom. Yes, God’s kingdom is at hand. The time is near for an end to all human suffering!


Bridging The Gap

A bridge is a perfect symbol of peace and security for people living on either side of the bridge. Bridges around the world serve as cultural monuments that tell stories. Bridges built many years ago are still testimonials of hard work and persistence.

When a war breaks out, bridges become the primary target. Destroying a bridge brings down everything around it. So, let’s build bridges, never destroy them again.

Why You Should Listen?

In a conversation, listening assumes paramount importance. A good listener keeps the conversation going smoothly and productively. Listening is an important skill one needs to acquire. It requires a good amount patience too!

If we think that we know what other person is going to talk about, it impairs our listening ability. Listen carefully while others talk. That is one way to show respect. May be the other person is trying to convey something important. All we have to do is to suppress the urge to talk, but listen! The bible puts it this way

 Know this, my beloved brothers: Everyone must be quick to listen, slow to speak, James 1:19

Enjoy Life, Even During Hard Times

There would be times when we feel disappointed because of the illness of our dear ones or ourselves. Such situations are highly unpredictable and hard to manage. It depends on person to person and their background that determines how they react to difficult times.

Keeping a calm mind will help us in times of distress. Have a realistic view of the situation and extend whatever support we can. After that, trust in God, believe in him and do whatever we can to reduce the stress and the pain of a person with the illness. God will deliver us! That’s the promise he is giving through his written word, The Bible.

Thinking About God

Look at your own body. How well it is designed and organized. Science is now able to decode the instructions from DNA. The meticulous instructions from DNA are not by accident, but somebody must have been encoded earlier, by an intelligent creator!

Look at everything around us that declares the glory of God. Our nature is a good testimonial about a loving God. God has made it perfect for us to live a happy life!

Going through the Bible provides us real hope and strength to endure the hard times we’re going through. Real hope is waiting for us just around the corner.

My Red Beauty

I didn’t know what to do! I was in the middle of the road with my red beauty stopping every now and then! My car is a bit old, but reliable! With all those vehicles around me, it was embarassing. Somehow, I managed to pull my car into the parking lot of a nearby store. Only then, I noticed the temperature read in my dashboard. The needle toughed the “H”. Only then did I realize that my car is red hot. I opened my bonnet, and fumes were coming out of the bonnet.

I called a mechanic, but being Dec 25th, nobody was around. So, I waited for some time, until my friends reached. They poured a few bottles of water into the coolant box. Now the car was starting, but there was another problem. The water is leaking. Somehow, I managed to get the car to a nearby garage.

After two days of waiting, I went there to pick up my car. The repair work was done neatly. The mechanic advised me about what needed to be done to avoid such problems in the future. Happily, I took my car, and on my way home, I heard a big sound from my car. When I looked into the dashboard, I saw the battery warning light.

Finally, I made it to another mechanic, nearby home. He inspected the car and told me that the belt was broken and that needs a replacement. Now I am waiting for my red beauty after the repair.

A Simple Life, That Is Real Life

Life is a struggle, and that struggle is real! We are experiencing the bad days in our lives more often. What makes it more struggling is our outlook towards life.

Jesus asked his disciples to lead a simple life and encouraged them to amaze wealth not here but in the heavens. Living a simple life will lead us to true rewards in terms of improved health, great peace of mind, and getting along well with others.

What can we do? Meditate upon the things that makes our life complicated, and make an effort to eliminate those things one by one. Over a period of time, you will find your life interesting to live. Ultimately it comes down to this. If we make use of Bible principles, the struggle is less!

Learn to appreciate small things in life. Finding happiness in small things around us will make our life more meaningful stressless. We don’t need expensive gadgets or a luxurious lifestyle to find happiness. Another way to get most out of our life is giving ear to the following advice found in the bible. There is more happiness in giving rather than receiving. That’s how the bible put that in simple terms. Be a generous giver, and happiness will follow you!

Have a great day!