Life Is Short, Really Short! But There Is A Hope!

Thinking about life, it’s short, really short. We die, leaving behind a lot of things unaccomplished. Naturally, the question is this. Was it designed that way by our creator God?

The Bible’s answer may surprise you. God wanted humans to live an everlasting life under his care and guidance. God didn’t want us to live a difficult life and die but to live life everlasting. But the first human couple decided to free himself from God’s control and put the whole of mankind into darkness and sorrow. But that was not the end of it.

Jesus came to earth as a messiah sent by God who will regain our everlasting life for us. For that, he had to sacrifice his perfect life. The Bible says it’s a ransom sacrifice to redeem us from sin and death. The future is bright for those who listen to God. He will fulfill his promise by giving us everlasting life on this earth.

Peaceful Times

Living a human life is full of challenges. Sometimes, problems come one after another. Failing to cope with sudden changes in life pushes many people into depression and other mental disorders. Keeping a balanced view of life always helps.

Expect uncertain times anytime in any form. It could be in the form of a serious medical condition, financial struggle, or any other difficult situation.

Where is the real hope? The Bible prophesies point towards the end of these uncertain times and a peaceful time ahead of us. Jesus taught his disciples to pray for his Kingdom. Yes, God’s kingdom is at hand. The time is near for an end to all human suffering!


The Ego Problem

Sometimes an ego problem can make things worst for no reason. When looking back, you may regret the ego you had and the issues lingering in your life. Being egoistic is the worst thing you can do to yourself! Keep an open heart, listen to others, admire the good deeds of others. Put aside your ego, and look forwards for the best things in life. Have a nice day!

Be Realistic, Always!

Thinking Girl

Sometimes we tend to create our world and boundaries. I have heard people cursing God for their problems. Why, because many understand God in their unique framework, and try to define God within that framework. When their expectations fall short, they begin to curse God for their problems.

There are a few reasoning I would like to discuss here.

  1. If you critically analyze your life, out of our imaginary boundaries, we will find where our decisions have gone wrong. Many people think that they are always right, but that’s wrong! They call self-confidence. But if you are confident in a wrong assumption, then that is going to end disastrously.
  2. We are living at the end of times, so the problems are expected whoever you are, and wherever you are!
  3. God gives us the power to overcome the problems. But why is God not preventing problems? That’s in another discussion.

So the conclusion is this. Stop blaming God for our problems, because that’ll make our minds more toxic. But allow God to correct us. Be submissive, and hear what God has to say about it. Hey, how will I hear God? you may ask. Well, the answer is simple, God talks to us through his word “The Bible”. Studying the bible seriously will get you going, overcome struggling at the end of times.

Wish you all a great day ahead!

Life Is Something To Celebrate But…

Life is something we all would like to enjoy to its full extent. We love happiness, peace, and contentment. We don’t like sorrow or pain or death, because we’re not designed for that. But there is so much pain we have to undergo throughout in our very short life span, to the extent that sometimes we curse ourselves. Some people even do the worst by cursing God, thinking that he is responsible for all the bad things that happens in our life.

People have long sought answers for this dilemma called life, at least when they face the life in all its full reality. One thing is sure that if we are created by God, he had a different purpose in mind, because that’s the way we are designed. Jesus said “Truth Shall Set You Free”. Search for the truth, and you shall find it. Have a great day!

Relax, And You’ll Be Alright Soon!

Relax Poster

There are times, we are fed up with the strain, anxieties, and an overwhelming lifestyle. Each of our days is full of pressures, people provoking, bills to pay, deadlines to meet, and the list is long, all that is taking us down.

.It’s high time to take care of our own heart, which is working hard to keep us on our toes, pumping blood to different parts of our body without taking rest. Give the attention your heart deserves proper exercise, good eating habits, and quit smoking, etc., are some of the ways we tell our heart to “Just Relax”!

On A Landing Note!

Air plane preparing for landing
We are ready for the much awaited landing!

Problems in life are like an airplane flying above. To land the airplane safely, the pilots have to take care of many things including constant touch with the air traffic controllers, that follows a lot of decision-making processes also.

The problems are like that of an airplane take off. In order to land safely, we have to keep a watch on each of the decisions we make to land the airplane safely. I have found Bible principles a lot in guiding us to make good decisions at the right time. These principles are time tested and still hold good to land our problems safely. Wish you all a good time ahead.

There Are No Shortcuts For Good Parenting!

Good parenting is all about taking care of your children, without spoiling them. There are no short cuts to good parenting. It involves quality time spent with children, helping them to grow in confidence and learn together. Only patience, and listening to children hearing their pressing matters will win them. Take care of their small and big problems in a suitable manner, that they start trusting in you.

God Is Love, All Things He Created Out Of Love!

Think For Life!

Life is a great thing we enjoy without spending anything, absolutely free. Time and again, I think about life, it’s something we are taking granted. One should definitely spend time in search of satisfying answers about life and its purpose.

I believe in a God who created everything so perfect and beautiful Whatever that came into existence in the world, the God almighty who made everything so lovingly. Just looking around me gives me ample proof that God wants us to enjoy life. What would have prompted our great god to create us? The answer I got from the Holy Bible. 1 John 4:8 GOD IS LOVE. He has done a marvelous job. Let’s praise him for all the good things he has showered upon us.


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