What Does The Beautiful Nature Teach Us?

Our nature is full of surprises. The beautiful creatures and nature around us is telltale evidence of the good things God has loving provides us. Nothing can deny the existence of a loving God when we see things that are beautiful around us! If you read the Bible book of Genesis and you will find a God who cares for us!

A Time To Touchbase

Amidst the corona outbreak fears, it’s also an opportunity to think about God and his purpose. The Bible says, God has made everything perfect and blessed the first human couple to live forever. What happened later explains the human suffering for the last more than five thousand years.

The Bible says that we have become slaves to sin and death. But will that continue forever? There is a ray of hope, we can find in the Bible through Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten son who came to earth for fulfilling his father’s diving purpose. He sacrificed his life for the entire human family to bring us back to God’s rich blessings.

In Search Of Truth

Bible Opened

Bible is a great source of history and wisdom for mankind, no doubt about it. When you read the bible, the whole human history is unraveled before you. Where do we come from, the present, and the future of mankind, everything is well inside this great book. All we have to do is to find some time to read this great book with a studious attitude.

God in the Bible identifies himself as “JEHOVAH”. When interacting with human beings he is very kind and forgiving. You can feel him talking to you, when you read each bible verses in an undertone. It’s something that’ll give us immense hope, joy, and relief whatever situation we are in, and a reason to live because God has revealed his grand purpose through this holy book.

God Is Love, All Things He Created Out Of Love!

Think For Life!

Life is a great thing we enjoy without spending anything, absolutely free. Time and again, I think about life, it’s something we are taking granted. One should definitely spend time in search of satisfying answers about life and its purpose.

I believe in a God who created everything so perfect and beautiful Whatever that came into existence in the world, the God almighty who made everything so lovingly. Just looking around me gives me ample proof that God wants us to enjoy life. What would have prompted our great god to create us? The answer I got from the Holy Bible. 1 John 4:8 GOD IS LOVE. He has done a marvelous job. Let’s praise him for all the good things he has showered upon us.


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