Writing For Children, A Shortened Approach

Children’s story writing is nowadays all about picture books. Well illustrated picture books that tell a story with minimum words and maximum images sell well. The secret of successful picture books depends upon whether it can invoke curiosity in the minds of young readers. If the story satisfies children’s curiosity, then the book would be a marketing success.

About illustrations for the children’s book, mostly watercolor illustration fair better than the digital illustration for its composition and simplicity. A meaningful and detailed cover page illustration is a must.

Finding a good publisher is also a challenge. Sometimes after several rejections, an author may find a publisher who accepts the manuscript, followed by several edits and other changes. Becoming an indie publisher is easy, but all the marketing stuff they have to do themselves. There are several ways to market your book, like Social media posting, writing a blog about the protagonist, etc., are some of the ways an author can try out to publicize the book. An author interview provides a great opportunity for publicizing the book.

The Children’s story website https://www.giftsspace.com provides a great opportunity for children’s book authors to get their book promoted.


Writing Children’s Stories

I was busy working on my children’s story website, publishing a few animal stories for kids. I think these stories will provide children some love towards animals and appreciate the beautiful nature around them.

Children should be taught to take care of the environment they live in. Every parent should take the responsibility of educating their children, about nature, and how to treat the animals with a kind hardhearted spirit.

Instead of submerging into the digital gadgets, let the kids get involved in nature and surroundings. There is a lot of learning when children observe nature and study them rather than just depending upon the books.