The Great Teacher

Jesus Addressing The Crowd From A Boat

Jesus’ earthly ministry consisted of teaching people about God and his purpose. He taught many life principles that enlightened ordinary people about God’s knowledge.

One day, a large crowd gathered around him to listen to his teachings. Jesus chose a boat as his platform to address them all. This can be read from the Bible Matthew 13:1-58 verses.

What was the specialty of Jesus’s teaching? He made great use of illustrations. These carefully chosen illustrations helped ordinary people digest the in-depth truths Jesus preached to them.


Writing For Children, A Shortened Approach

Children’s story writing is nowadays all about picture books. Well illustrated picture books that tell a story with minimum words and maximum images sell well. The secret of successful picture books depends upon whether it can invoke curiosity in the minds of young readers. If the story satisfies children’s curiosity, then the book would be a marketing success.

About illustrations for the children’s book, mostly watercolor illustration fair better than the digital illustration for its composition and simplicity. A meaningful and detailed cover page illustration is a must.

Finding a good publisher is also a challenge. Sometimes after several rejections, an author may find a publisher who accepts the manuscript, followed by several edits and other changes. Becoming an indie publisher is easy, but all the marketing stuff they have to do themselves. There are several ways to market your book, like Social media posting, writing a blog about the protagonist, etc., are some of the ways an author can try out to publicize the book. An author interview provides a great opportunity for publicizing the book.

The Children’s story website provides a great opportunity for children’s book authors to get their book promoted.

From Here, Where To Go Now?

The endangered species

Earth is overused, exploiting more and more resources than it can afford. In fact, we are robbing the earth of its precious resources and polluting the environment in the process. Environment balance is heavily thwarted. The bio-diversity is steeply coming down at a very high rate. Mankind’s future is highly unpredictable. Now we have started looking at Mars for a new beginning. Will that work out? What do you think?