Learning From Your Mistakes, A Modern Day Approach

“Error”, that five-letter word appears in different colors, sometimes accompanied by some kind of fancy animation, is not designed to take peace out of our mind. You do something by mistake, it could be your code, your gadget, or a website where you are trying to get some information. An error will leave us embarrassed, and we try with the same thing over and over, in a frantic attempt to fix the error. This leads to new errors, and sometimes we locked out of the system.

In the modern world, doing something wrong, that makes us vulnerable to job loss or putting ourselves in an embarrassing situation. Read the error message carefully, and learn what it is trying to say. Most of the time, an error message can teach you something with its accompanying error description. Take time to learn what went wrong, do a little bit of research by googling it, or ask your friend who is an expert on such matters.


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